‍Sit up straight.

‍How many times have we heard that buzz in our ear?  Turns out that buzzing may have more implications beyond looking good.

‍Have you ever experienced any of the following symptoms?

‍     -  neck pain

‍     -  headaches

‍     -  upper back pain

‍     -  lower back pain

‍     -  sciatica

‍     -  numbness and/or tingling

‍     -  elbow and/or shoulder pain

‍     -  jaw pain/popping

‍     -  difficulty breathing deeply

‍     -  low energy

‍     -  difficulty sleeping

‍Sitting at a desk all day, every day is hard on your body.  Poor posture leads to weak core muscles,  joint dysfunction, nerve irritation and suboptimal breathing patterns.  If you are one of those who have mastered the slouch, you may find it uncomfortable even trying to sit up straight.  You have become a creature of your habits.

‍By identifying the poor posture zones in your musculoskeletal system, treatment can help to minimize chronic tension, nerve irritation and pain.  

‍Exercises can be prescribed to suit your individual needs.  Treatment and exercise along with good posture can help you feel better and function better.  Short and long term.

‍Sit up straight.  It's worth it.

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