‍Support for your Daily Grind

‍Being squished like a sardine on public transit can compound the tension that builds up from being at your desk all day.

‍If sitting all day is part of your role, then scoring a seat during your commute may not be as great a prize for your body as you would think. Take advantage of standing and wake up the muscles that stabilize your spine. Change the load on those postural muscles that have been in a sitting position all day.

‍Do some“secret”ab work! Try to brace your abdominal muscles every time the car accelerates or slows down to stop. Tighten those buttocks at the same time to engage even more of your core muscles.

‍Wearing good supportive shoes both to and from work is always a good idea. If you choose to stand while riding on transit then you will appreciate them even more.

‍Catching up on social media or watching your favourite YouTube channel seems relaxing but perhaps take a few minutes away from screen time for some deep belly breathing.This helps to reduce neck and upper back strain while also easing mental stress and fatigue.

‍When you finally make it home why not try a few Thoracic Wall Rotations to start your evening off right. Click here to connect to this exercise video.

‍When daily life does get the better of you chiropractic and acupuncture can help.

‍See your Chiropractor for ways to ease the strain, designed specifically for you.