‍Instead of a burger and fries, a combo at Downtown Core Chiropractic Centre uses chiropractic and acupuncture together in the same treatment.

‍Chiropractic uses a variety of soft tissue techniques and manipulation to achieve a series of local responses, including:

‍• decreased pain and inflammation

‍• reduced muscle spasm

‍• improved joint mechanics

‍Acupuncture regulates healing at a more central level and:

‍• increases endorphin release to decrease pain and promote the healing response

‍• reduces muscle spasm by decreasing excitatory brain input to the musculoskeletal system and improving blood flow

‍• reduces sympathetic nervous system firing to calm the mind and promote balance throughout the body

‍Combining chiropractic and acupuncture approaches a problem from multiple angles, potentially reducing recovery time. This approach can also improve overall function and health after recovery is complete.

‍The two forms of treatment work together to balance your nervous system from the inside and out. Since all processes in our body are regulated by the nervous system, a healthy nervous system means a healthy you.

‍Feel better. Function better.

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