Sciatica is a general term used to describe pain in the back of the leg.

The sciatic nervie is a large nerve running from the lower part (lumbar and sacral areas) to the spine into your foot.

Probelms with the sciatic nerve can result from a disk herniation in the lower spine.  You may also experience problems due to muscle spasm or joint dysfunction in any area between the lower part of the spine and the foot.

Symptoms may develop if the sciatic nerve becomes compromised at any point along its route from the spine to the foot.  The most common symptoms experienced with sciatic are pain, numbness and muscle weakness.  These are usually experienced distal to the point of nerve compromise.

Accurate diagnosis of the cause of the nerve compromise is very important when treating sciatica.

Once a diagnosis has been determined, a treatment plan can be initiated to relieve your symptoms and improve the biomechanical dysfunction which may have contribute to the development of the problem.  Good biomechanics can minimize reoccurance of sciatica in the future.

You do have options.  Feel better.  Function better.


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