Paperwork Pressure?

Slumping under Paperwork Pressure

As if this winter wasn’t harsh enough, now we have the pleasure of dealing with our dreaded taxes.  The daytime may be getting lighter, but the workload certainly is not.  

Whether you sit or stand at your workstation, taking regular breaks and changing your position is crucial for good health. 

Poor posture can lead to muscle tension, headaches, poor digestion, fatigue and many other ailments. 

Long hours at work also usually go hand in hand with less exercise, poor eating habits and sleep deprivation. A sure fire recipe for burnout! 

A little bit of movement goes a long way to maintaining your health during this busy time of year. 

Why not try our Desk Stretching Routine? Click for a few easy stretches to help keep you upright under the mounting workload.

Both chiropractic and acupuncture can play an important role in getting you through a challenging period. Drs. Da Re, Sinclair and Mertins can work with you to assist in determining the strategies best suited for your individual needs.


Don’t let the extra pressure flatten you!  Get treated today.


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