Chiropractic Keeps You Moving!

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Whether you’ve been training all year or just dusted off your running shoes when the weather finally improved, running is a great way to stay fit and relieve stress. Running also creates physical strain on your body, bringing muscle and joint imbalances to the forefront.

Chronically tight hamstrings or calf muscles sound familiar?  Challenges with your IT band or Achilles tendon? Heel pain or plantar fasciitis? 

Did you know sitting at your desk all day tightens your hip flexors while weakening your core and buttock muscles? This will then impact how well your leg and foot can absorb the load when running. In one foot alone, there are 26 bones, 33 joints, 112 ligaments, and a network of nerves, tendons and blood vessels have to work together when we run.  From your core down to your toes, there is a lot going on with each step!

Strong core and buttock muscles are an important in the prevention of lower body injuries. Visit our Video Exercise Library and give the Glute Bridge and McGill Abs a try.

Finding the right shoe also plays a key role in minimizing injuries. To better understand how a running shoe is designed, click here and learn how to find the best fit for you.

Feeling the strain of training? Chiropractors are experts at keeping your spine and pelvis in balance, as well as ensuring that your hips, knees and feet are all up to the task!


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