What is the risk with a neck adjustment?  There is a rare risk of stroke or stroke-like symptoms associated with adjustment of the neck. Reports on the subject over the past 40 years present a range of estimates based on different research methodologies. However, all the published studies to date agree that the risk is extremely low.  Recent evidence published in the journal "Spine" suggests that the association is more temporal than causal. There are many risk factors for stroke including blood clotting problems, hypertension, smoking, high cholesterol, use of birth control pills, heart problems and trauma such as sports injuries or blows to the head from accident. All carry a greater degree of risk than spinal adjustment.   

Do I have to have my neck adjusted?  After a thorough history and examination, your Chiropractor will discuss your treatment options with you. There are alternatives to neck adjustments that some people prefer. The risks associated with each type of treatment will also be discussed, allowing you to make an informed decision about your health care.

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